How to get a Job in Python as a Fresher


How to get a Job in Python as a Fresher

How to get a Job in Python as a Fresher is our today’s main topic. I'll give you 12 tips on How to get a Job in Python as a Fresher so let's begin the tips.



Python developer is one of the most sought after in the market right now and for that very reason it might not be that simple to land this show so in this article.


12 tips on How to get a Job in Python as a Fresher


1. Build your own GitHub  repository


Go to GitHub  login create a repository and add all your files all your Python codes on there. However, it doesn't matter if it's a big project or some small piece of code where you just took some input and made some manipulations displayed it.


Every work counts learn a bit of GitHub  version control so not only do you upload your file once but you can make modifications to them rework on them make it better upload it again showing your progress now this GitHub  repository basically becomes your resume as a Python developer the recruiters can look directly on here instead of you sending them zip files or even Jupiter notebooks everything is now available online and they can access it from anywhere through any machine so this really shows that you're not just writing code for yourself but you want to share this with other people and that's very important.


2. Write readable Code


Make sure that your code is readable so when you're putting your code out in GitHub  as I mentioned previously you're writing this code not just for yourself. So if people want to learn from your code they want to view your code it's necessary that they understand this code and of course there are few guidelines to follow which makes your code more readable the most important one being you follow the pep 8 style guideline in case of Python.


So the pep Excel guidelines basically some conventions that you use and that mainly talks about indentation. so in case of pep 8 you have a four space indentation tabs and spaces there's maximum line length which in case of pep 8 is 79 characters per line. The line breaks that you need to put blank lines for example every major class or every major function needs to be separated by two lines two blank lines the source file encoding string codes white spaces in expression trailing commas naming conventions and so on.


So again very basic thing if you're having a variable make sure the variable name shows what the variable stores what it is used and it's not just some big names.


3. Create good documentation


Create a good documentation again this helps with the readability and the understand-ability of the code so one of the main things with creating a good documentation is having a receive me file in your GitHub  repository.

 the readme file should contain details regarding your project what your project does the various libraries used in your project and so on so this is a great help to anyone who is trying to learn from your code or implement them in a different way.

Now here we have a screenshot of the readme file created by Raymond Hettinger. It’s present in his GitHub repository


4. Read Other People's Code around your skill level


Raymond Hettinger and Kenneth Reitz are some of the very popular personalities on GitHub.  They have a very unique style and a very neat and organized style of coding and one of the great ways to develop your own coding skill is to look at other people's code.


Python Codes

Now when you're looking at other people's code it's important to remember that you look at code which is of your own skill level. So if you're an intermediate coder make sure you look at someone's GitHub repository that again codes on the intermediate level so that you're able to connect with that code you could probably write the same code but he or she writes it in a better manner.


Now these are some of the people who have great GitHub  repositories you can definitely learn a lot from them.


5. Read books on Python coding


Read books on Python coding so you might know already quite a bit of Python in fact if you are looking for a Python developer job there's a good chance that you are an advanced coder but nothing beats books here are some of the very popular and well-known books for Python such as Fluent Python, Automate The Boring stuffs with Python and so on.


Now Fluent Python is a great book to start. Fluent Python gets your Python concepts really strong. So now you'll have not only great skills but also the perfect way to portray these skills.


6. Grow your Python skill set


You can never stop learning keep learning. Some of the very important things when you go for a Python developer job are to make sure that you know how to work with some of these Python libraries. In fact make sure that while you can cover most of these libraries there are certain ones that you have completely mastered some of the very popular libraries with Python numpy, scipy, matplotlib, tensorflow etc.


These masters them create projects around them and finally put these all up on GitHub for everyone to view.


7. Master AI and Machine Learning


It's never enough to just know a language you must know how to apply it and with Python some of its most important and popular applications are in the field of AI, machine learning and data science.


So master AI and machine learning with Python learn the various algorithms that these fields use and implement projects on them.


Master AI and Machine Learning

As you can see here we have two of the algorithms with machine learning that's linear regression, k-means clustering, and neural networks is an algorithm used with deep learning so make sure you have some of these applications are there in your repository this displays your skill not only in Python but also in other fields and both of these going hand-in-hand just increases your value.


8. Take freelancing projects to start off


Take freelancing projects to start off with. So far I mentioned how you write your own code you create your own projects, now that's not enough take up projects by companies now these may be non paid they may be really loop it does not matter as long as you have something to show off, so you have a project under your belt that really pays off now some of the websites you can go to for freelancing works are freelancer, and up work, etc.


This really shows to the recruiter that this person did not just live on Python but he or she is always looking at how to implement them and how to use them.


9. Make open source contributions


Make open source contributions so you have your own GitHub  repository that's great but now look into others repositories see if there's some value that you can add and if you can definitely go for it.


 This shows not only your skill but also that you're a team player you want to add value to work that already exists and that is a skill that again really valued in organizations.


Make open source contributions


So some of the popular ones include Pipenv which is the Python development workflow for humans there's also chatistics where you can convert your messenger and hang out chat logs into data frames.

 Then you can solve your travelling salesman problems using self-organizing maps and there's also a Python to BPF converter. These are great places to make your contributions.


10. Start a blog and talk about what you have learned


Start a blog and talk about what you have learned. So having your own person blog will add a lot of credibility to your profile in your blog you can definitely mention where you started off from, that is at a beginner level. what all did you know, how you took on your journey, where you are now, what materials you used to collect information, and what projects you took, how you went about. This mention any papers you wrote and so on all this again becomes another profile for you the recruiters can have a quick look at your personal blog and have a good idea of what kind of a learner you are, what kind of a coder you are and if you have done everything right this could create a great impression on the recruiters. If you have done everything right then this will create a great mark on the recruiters.


In fact you can even include some of your personal views on Python on the learning process or the learning curve of Python etc.


11. Follow a daily schedule for practice


Follow a daily schedule for practice just because you think you have mastered the language do not put it aside and let it collect dust. Take out some time every day write code whether small or big make sure that every aspect of Python is at your fingertips.


12. Keep your resume and profile updated on job portals


Keep your resume and profile updated on job portals such as LinkedIn, indeed etc. Look out for Python developer job roles on other job websites and Google jobs.


A recently updated resume always captures the eye of the recruiter. So these are some of the tips you can follow to bag the Python developers job if you're new to Python and require some help in gaining the skills to attain that job of a Python developer.

Python training course covers everything a to z for python and its pretty much all you require to get that job.

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