How to setup Avaya phone system

How to setup Avaya phone system

How to setup Avaya phone system manually at Home and Office is the topic of today's article. Additionally we will share What is an Avaya Phone System,  Setup and install an Avaya IP Phone 1616, How to configure the IP Office for a new IP Phone, How to log in to your Avaya phone and log out of your Avaya phone, How to use the Call Log feature To view the call log, How to call a person from the call log from Avaya phone, Steps to add an entry from the call log to your Contacts list of Avaya IP Phone system.


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What is an Avaya Phone System?

Avaya is a unified communication system provider that is hosted by cloud which offers various services for both small scale and larger scale businesses. It has mainly two platforms and they are Avaya IX Workplace and Avaya Cloud Office.  These platforms have features such as an array of calling, collaboration and mobile tools.

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How To Setup and install an Avaya IP Phone 1616?


If you want to configure the IP Office in order to use it with an IP Phone, first of all there are a few things that we need to check and they are as follows.

1. There is a system section on the left, now select the System section and then depending on which port the IP Phone is configured to connect click on either the LAN1 or LAN2 tab. 

2. Now in order to confirm that the H.323 Gatekeeper option is enabled select the VOIP tab.Once the VOIP tab is enabled the phone system will be configured and allow IP Phone to register.


3. Now by using the System Status application, connect to your phone system. On the left click the Resources section and confirm there are sufficient VCM channels on your system.


4. Click on the + icon beside Resources and select Licenses in order to ensure there are sufficient Avaya IP endpoint licenses. It will show the total number of licenses available and are in use.


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How to configure the IP Office for a new Avaya IP Phone?


1. On the left side Select the User section.


2. Now at the top-right click on the Create a New Record icon and select User.


3. In this section insert any relevant information for this user, such as name and extension number.


4. Click on the Telephony -> Supervisor Settings tab and ensure that this user has a login code set. This login code will be required to log in the extension on the IP Phone.


5. The Manager program will ask if you would like to create an extension for this user after you have added the user.

6. Now select the H.323 extension type and click OK. This will add a new H.323 or IP extension for this user.


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